Jan 1, 2013

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Revel in this:

Greetings Twilighters!

Please forgive my long silence, this life thing has been very demanding lately. Even in the best of times my Revel posts are few and far between and I don't suppose this will change.  

Though this is totally not the point of this blog, I wanted to see if I could get a little critical conversation going about the new movie. I have many opinions on the realization of the final chapter of our beloved Twilight and I am eager to know if others in the Twiverse share my feelings. 

To get things started, a quick review of the film: 

The film opens with one of my favorite scenes from the book; Bella awakening as a vampire, experiencing her new senses, her new body, for the first time. There is a sense of her wildness; that she poses a real danger. I found this utterly lacking in the film. 

I don't know about you, but if I was Edward I would be overwrought with anxiety waiting for Bella to wake up. When she did finally arise, I would be desperate to know that she was ok, she was herself, alive, yet the scene in the film does not portray this at all. 

And it only gets worse. 

Twilight is, at its core, and well beyond, a love story. Critics that say this was the best of the films because it finally gets away from the 'insipid love story,' are entirely missing the point. And so, apparently, are the filmmakers. From the very beginning, Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 missed the mark. The beauty of the book is in its emotional punch. The bewilderment of a new and unfamiliar existence. The joyful and rapturous reunion of the two lovers. Bella embracing her new role as a mother. Edward finally getting to let loose, relax, and fully enjoy his bride. And, of course, the inherent horror of Alice's vision: now that Bella has everything she wants it is going to be taken from her. In violence.

And don't even get me started on the 'surprise' ending. What a farce! 

Please write in and tell me what you thought. Am I right? Horribly wrong? Do you have anything to add? Let's talk!


Aug 27, 2012

Edward Segment 28

Revel in this:

Edward released his jaw and savored the searing burn as his granite bones repaired themselves. When the damage was undone he bit down again, hard, face schooled into icy stillness. His jaw cracked under the pressure, a fissure of exquisite pain lancing through him. Just as the bone was about to give way and break cleanly apart he released it and allowed the injury to heal. 

“If you keep doing that you’ll end up with… Oh, right, nothing. But it’s damned annoying, Edward, knock it off!” Emmett growled, bracing himself against Edward’s anger. Edward ignored him, too busy trying to block out Jacob’s thoughts to pay Emmett much heed. The wolf was just as worried about Bella’s safe return as he was. 

“She’ll be back before you know it, Edward, safe and sound. Now quit worrying; you’re making us all nervous,” Emmet continued. 

“Why don’t you take everyone out hunting, Emmett?” Jacob surprised Edward with his suggestion, something that usually only happened when Bella spoke. I guess I’m him blocking better than I thought, Edward mused. 

“Think I will,” Emmett sulked, stalking from the room with Rose in tow. They’d only just returned from their mission, having managed to contact a few willing allies. Of course, none of that would matter if they couldn’t get the Volturi to stop and listen. Edward broke his jaw again. 

“I’m sure she’s fine, Edward,” Jacob said quietly from the corner. He was crouched over a small leather project he was working on for Renesmee. “She’s a big, scary blood sucker now. She can take care of herself.” His worry was evident in the strained tone of his voice. 

Edward pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. Bella, my love. My life. Please be safe. Please. He knew Jacob spoke true. Bella was capable, immortal, indestructible and uniquely well controlled for a newborn. But she was also young, trusting, innocent and a terrible actor. If only she’d let him accompany her on her errand, whatever it was. Edward bit down hard, snapping his marble jawbone yet again. That was the real issue: she couldn’t have let him come along. Edward couldn’t know what it was that she was doing. No one could. It was the only way to be safe. 

As if any of us will ever be safe again… They were just kidding themselves to think the Volturi would actually stop and listen to them. They were coming, coming for everything Edward held dear, to take or kill all the people he loved; his new family. Everyone. Edward unclenched his teeth and the bones knit themselves back together with an agonizing prickling that he ignored, straining his ears desperately for any hint of Bella’s car approaching. 


Every moment she was away felt like an eternity.

“Edward, dude. Man, please, quit doing that,” Jacob moaned. His grimace would have been comical if Edward had been able to care. 

“If it bothers you so much, Jacob, I’m sure your pack could use you.” Edward angled away from Jacob, turning to gaze out the window at the empty driveway. His home, once a peaceful haven, had been overrun with vampires come to witness for them to the Volturi. None of them were in evidence at present, having been driven off, to hunt or hide, by Edward’s sour mood. He did try to control himself, but his iron will had been broken ever since Alice’s vision. And her desertion.  

“I’m sure you’re right,” Jacob said. He rose and fled the house, leaving it blessedly empty. Edward sighed in relief. He stared out at the cold evening, trying not to think about what Bella was doing, where she could have gone. He shouldn’t think about it, shouldn’t give Aro any more ammunition than he already had, but he couldn’t help his worry. They had so little time left together and Edward loathed any hour he spent away from Bella. After so many empty years, the few short, blissful months he’d had with his wife and child were like a shining beacon in the darkness: And soon Aro and his army would be here to destroy them. Edward’s jaw splintered again.

A distant rumble, the familiar purr of fine German engineering, penetrated Edward’s worried stupor and he snapped his head toward the sound. At last! Judging from the sound Bella was still nearly twenty miles away but Edward nearly cried out in relief anyway, his frozen body cracking into motion with the knowledge of her safe return. His lips even curved into a hesitant smile.

Edward strained his ears, taking in the subtle changes in pull and grind of the engine, the soft whir of a turn taken at 80 miles per hour, following Bella’s progress toward home eagerly. She was driving fast, as quickly as the car could handle on the curving, mountain highway. Edward pressed his stone cheek into the cool glass and drew in a long, slow breath. He wouldn’t show her how worried he’d been, how undone. She was worried enough without him adding to her burden. 

Edward listened to Bella’s car, slowly bringing her back to him, as he forced himself to relax. He turned from the window, looking for some task to do, to give the illusion that he’d been occupied in Bella’s absence, and spied his piano sitting up on the white dais as always. He felt the familiar pull of the keys, the thrill of notes and cadence and harmony blending into music. Edward slid into place on the bench and touched the worn keys reverently, deciding.  

His fingers found the notes easily, though he hadn’t played in months. He drew out the chords of Esme’s melody gently, letting the music hang in the air, easing him, and, as the roar of Bella’s engine turned onto the long driveway he let the delicate tones of Bella’s lullaby flow from the ivory. Lovingly, Edward caressed the notes; the musical painting of his love for her, as he welcomed her home. 

Edward listened to the hiss of Bella’s brakes, the crunch of the gravel beneath her tires as she came to a stop, eagerness growing in his chest like the warm flutter of wings. She got out and shut the car door, sending a tendril of air in through the open window. Edward breathed her scent in deeply, basking in the lush perfume gratefully. In seconds she was through the door, her cool hands resting blessedly on his shoulders as he played, warm and safe. The notes wound to a close and Edward spun, capturing Bella around the waist and burying his face, holding her tightly as relief flooded over him.

“My Edward,” Bella cooed, circling her arms around him, her fingers combing his hair. Edward lifted his head and Bella kissed him, her lips soft on his, fragrant; sweet and slow. She kissed him until all the fear and tension melted away, until the cold chill of death that was locked into his marble body began to warm; until the welcome, hot sting of desire made him curl his fingers in Bella’s hair and pull her down to him. 

“Bella,” Edward whispered. She moaned softly, deepening her kiss, letting her tongue dance with his, sweet and spiced. Edward’s veins filled with heat, the beat of longing thrumming through him, hastening his breath and sharpening his touch. Bella straddled him on the piano bench and Edward grabbed her hips, merciless, taking her weight as he spun back around, savoring the sweet, keen bliss of her inimitable body against his. He pulled her hips into him, pressing her back against the piano as he kissed her, barely noticing the jarring tune her stone back pulled from the keys. She arched her back and Edward slid his hands down Bella’s sides, taking delighted pleasure in the supple curve of her spine, her slim waist, her promising thighs, the enticing slip and slither of the moon-colored sheath of silk Bella wore as it whispered over her perfect granite skin, like a song.

“Edward,” Bella breathed, pulling her lips from his to kiss the tender skin beneath his ear. 

“Ah, love,” Edward whispered, his mind fracturing as her kiss warmed and softened him. Hardened him. “Welcome home, love. I missed you.” Bella moaned her agreement softly, the vibration rumbling through her and she pushed up to crush against him, her teeth sharp on Edward’s neck, glorious, her arms around him like a welcome vice. 

“Ah! Bella!” Edward was on fire, the singe of his lust urgent, pulsing through him. He moaned, breaking Bella’s hold so he could touch her, adore her. With a hand on her shoulder he pressed her back again, commanding; standing as he lifted her from his lap and set her on the black and ivory keys. Edward smoothed his hands down her body, ungentle as he fisted the silk and lifted the offending fabric from Bella’s magnificent figure. She wore no bra, only pale silk panties, and she gasped, writhing as Edward bent over her. He kissed her skin tenderly, gently, taking his time as he savored her sweet flavor, her velvet softness, the way she pulsed under him, impatient. Edward spread her legs and pressed his body between them, grinding against her, relishing as she crossed her ankles behind him and hugged him to her, desperate for more.

“Edward!” Bella reached to pull his lips to hers but he resisted her, somehow, shaking his head at her with a devious smile. He cupped her hips, steadying her as he lowered his head to her soft, gleaming breast. He took as much of her as he could into his mouth, suckling at her marble skin; delirious with her splendor, enjoying her cries as he slipped his fingers under the thin fabric of her panties. Edward bit down, gently rolling her nipple between his lethal teeth, just as he ripped the flimsy material from her, freeing her. Bella moaned, arching back. 

“Do you want me?” Edward asked, teasing, his lips still on her, trailing over her in a slow, downward pattern. 

“Yes,” Bella gasped. “You know I do.”

“How much do you want me, Bella?” Edward pressed, his voice low and smooth as he toyed with her. His tongue sought her navel, swirling the tender flesh lazily, as though his body wasn’t on fire. She shuddered. 

“More than anything. More than life,” Bella answered, breathless. Edward smiled, knowing she spoke true.

“More than blood?” He pulled away, trailing icy fingertips down the smooth expanse of her belly, pulling in the sharp scent of her need.

“Yes!” She bucked, her hips lifting, desperate for contact, but Edward stopped her. 

“When do you want me?” he asked her slowly, his smile wicked. Her cheeks were flushed, her chest heaving as she pulled in unnecessary air, amber eyes blazing. She looked like a feast splayed out on his piano like that; white skin against black lacquered wood, naked and gleaming in the golden glow of the late afternoon sun, her hair a dark tangle, lips red and open; ready. She was irresistible. 

Edward resisted, determined to make her wait.

“Now, I want you now! Please!” she begged. Her urgent tone nearly broke his resolve. Frowning, Edward spread her thighs a little wider, opening her flower for him. Exquisite. He hid a shudder. Devastating. His body ached deliciously, the flames of desire licking at him, his swollen length straining against the waistband of his pants, eager. 

“That’s not quite what I wanted to hear, Bella,” Edward said through his teeth, the effort of his restraint excruciating. He drug his nails down the inside of Bella’s thighs, pausing just before her apex, teasing her. She moaned, panting hard, her body glistening and ripe and ready.

“Forever, Edward,” Bella said fervently. “I want you forever.” Edward smiled, finally pleased, and bent to reward her. He pressed his mouth to her warm blossom, gasping at her heat, even now, and Bella stifled a shriek as he found her pearl. Her taste coated his tongue, rich and spiced, spiking Edward’s desire to a nearly unbearable height. Bella cried out as he kissed her, jerking against the piano loudly, her nails digging into the wood, leaving deep, rough gouges. A hot sear went through Edward’s body and he fought hopelessly against the need to drive into her then and there. Instead Edward soothed his lover, laving her supple folds, using his tongue to caress and tease her; slowly at first, then faster. Bella fisted his hair, pinning him to her as she arched to meet his kiss, her body throbbing with the tempo of her need.

“Edward, more. Please, more,” she whimpered. Edward gripped Bella’s porcelain thighs hard, spreading her even wider, his face buried in her luscious, sweet core. He slid his hand down her leg, searching for her entrance as she bucked against him, desperate for his touch. He licked softly, gently easing her toward inferno, his marble tongue darting over her pearl, relentless, reveling in the sweet intensity of her scent, her mind-numbing flavor, the succulent, slickness of her folds. Slowly Edward found her crevice and slid two fingers inside, stroking her pearl as he invaded her.

“Ah!” Bella gasped, twitching. Edward smiled against her and withdrew slowly, enjoying the sumptuous glide of his fingers inside her, wishing it were a different part of him that her slick walls tensed around. With his free hand Edward lifted Bella’s leg up and hooked her knee over his shoulder, his lips never leaving her. He pushed inside her again, deeper now that the angle was better and Bella moaned throatily, the rumble of it going straight to Edward’s icy, straining length. She braced herself on the piano bench, her musical seat suffering the effects of her granite body as she writhed against it. Edward didn’t care.

“Ah! Edward, yes!” Bella called as his fingers spread her, pushing deep. He settled into a quick rhythm, pressing her closer and closer. Her cries became more frantic, her neat soprano gasps slowly morphing into little glorious screams as he licked and filled her, faster and faster until finally she arched back so hard, overcome, that her head smashed through the lid of the piano, splintering it, screaming and shaking as waves of immaculate joy ravaged her.  

Edward stilled, his senses reeling, reveling in the miracle of Bella’s pleasure, in the scorching heat and need pounding through his body. He kissed his way slowly up her belly, enjoying how it convulsed as the final tremors shook her. Edward smoothed over her perfect, heated skin with eager hands, soothing as he went, skillfully reawakening her desire. She lifted her legs and wound them around Edward’s waist, pulling him into her; jeans pressed to bare alabaster flesh. 

“Bella!” Edward moaned, teeth clenched as she moved against him. “Love, you are so,” he bent to her breast, licking and suckling hungrily. “Delectable,” he finished. Bella sighed happily and wriggled under him. 

“You make me so hot, Edward. I can never get enough of you.” Bella cupped his cheek and pulled him up, smiling as she sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, biting softly. Sweet torture… Edward moaned loudly into her mouth, flinching as his flesh burned. God, I want you… Now. Always. Bella licked and nibbled up his neck, opening her mouth wide and biting him in the tender spot just under his ear. A searing lance of hunger shot through Edward, making his stone muscles clench, his movements jerky and unstable. 

“Ah! Bella!” Edward cried. The piano groaned against his weight as he placed a knee on the keys, desperate to get closer to her. Over her. Inside her. No, not yet.

“Yes, Edward. Now. Take me now,” Bella whispered. She danced under him, tantalizing, a frantic pulse that made his breath spike and his body cry out. Please. I can’t wait… 

Edward’s mind cracked, the fire racing in his veins, singeing him, and though he’d wanted to wait, wanted to give her more pleasure before he took his, he found himself claiming her, the hot sear of her flesh warm and welcome around his aching length. Bella raked her nails down his back, carving into his stone skin deliciously, lifting her hips to meet Edward’s desperate thrusts, shuddering into him as he filled her, conquered her.

“Bella!” Edward shouted, his body so taut he thought he’d break. “Bella, love!” He couldn’t wait, couldn’t slow; his need was too fierce, too brutal. Edward took her savagely, branding her with all of his need and desire and longing and love and she took him, consuming all that he was, voracious and eager. 

The piano split with a great groan, spilling them on to the floor in a pile of dust and splintered wood. Edward barely noticed before they hit the ground, wrapping his arms around his beloved and spinning in midair to shield her from the impact. She moaned as they landed, her knees on either side of his hips, grinding into him, taking him fully, their rhythm hardly breaking. Bella leaned down and kissed him and Edward lost himself in the divine sweetness of her mouth; her moist embrace. Bella gripped him and rolled, putting herself beneath him yet again, pulling him into her harder, always harder. She liked being on the bottom; liked the force with which he drove himself into her and Edward was happy to oblige. He propped her leg on his shoulder and tilted her hips up, driving deep and hard, just the way she liked. He pounded into her as hard as he could, the fire racing through him, pressure and pleasure tightening his tissues. Bella gasped and moaned, her eyes blazing up at him, lips a succulent feast. 

Edward kissed her, pulling her luscious flesh into his mouth. With a burst of speed Edward picked her up and pinned her to the narrow stretch of wall between the banks of windows. She yelped in surprise and delight, one hand reaching up to grasp onto the large metal curtain rod. 

“Edward!” she gasped, breath ragged. “We broke your piano.” Bella giggled, her lithe little body shaking against him. Delectable. 

“Doesn’t matter,” Edward growled, claiming her again. Bella moaned, gripping his shoulder with steel strength. 

“But you love that piano,” she insisted, voice breathy and punctuated by Edward’s thrusts. 

“Doesn’t matter,” Edward growled again. “Only you matter, love. Only this.” He slammed into her again, hard, and she growled too, legs squeezing around him. The wall behind them cracked. “Only us.”

“Ah! Edward, god!” Bella cried. Edward set a steady rhythm, a relentless beat, hitting her hard and deep, angling against her rose bud with each thrust, pulling her steadily toward release. Edward panted, desperate to give her everything she wanted, everything he was. Fire rippled through him, blazing through his veins, pulsing in his tissues, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. Please, Bella… 

“Ah! Ah! AH! Edward, yes! Yes!” Bella screamed, undone, her eyes sewn shut, head flung back into the wall. She dropped her arm and looped it around Edward’s hips, pulling him into her, angling him just so and soon she was clenching, shaking, crying out her ecstasy in a heady rush. Bella seized, her slick walls gripping him hard, milking him to his own excruciating release. 
“Bella, GOD! Yes, YES!” Edward shouted, lost. He let go, finally, pumping the last of his strength into her until he was roaring, gasping, shaking as he finally exploded, spilling his immortal seed into her. 

Blind, Edward fell still, letting his mind and body separate, spinning and twirling and dancing in stunned, perfect elation. Colors exploded around him, the sparkle and shine of bliss a hot sear against his eyelids. Slowly Edward sagged, nestling in Bella’s hair, luxuriating in the soft, fragrant mass, warm against her pleasing skin. Ah, love… 

With trembling hands he lifted Bella and held her limp, languid body tight to his chest. She draped her arms around his neck, snuggling into him, as he knelt, laying her back on the white carpet and curling himself around her protectively. She clutched onto him tenaciously, her eyes still squeezed shut, the final shivers still making her shake, and Edward glanced at the broken shards that had recently been his grand piano. Esme would not be pleased but he didn’t care. The chances of him playing in the coming days were scant and after the Volturi… Don’t think about that, he scolded himself. 

Bella stirred and Edward gazed down into her smiling, clear crystalline eyes. So precious. He lifted a hand and stroked her flaming cheek tenderly.

“Bella. My Bella. I need you, love. I need you here with me. Always. Please tell me you don’t have to go off on your own again,” Edward said. Bella frowned, her eyes shifting off to the side and Edward’s hand froze on her cheek.

“Once more, Edward,” she whispered. Her eyes snapped back to his and he saw her worry there, her concern. But her fear was for him, for their fledgling family, not herself. “I promise I’ll be careful. You don’t have to worry.” Edward closed his eyes. 

“You know I will anyway. You and Renesmee are all that matter to me now.” Bella reached up and pulled him into a kiss, soft and soothing.

“Is is safe yet? Or will my mind be scarred forever if I come in?” Emmett’s booming voice echoed to them from across the yard. Edward grimaced. 

“I suppose we ought to get dressed,” Bella said, reluctant. 

“Hmm. Yes, I don’t know who would suffer more from Emmett’s scarring, him or me.” Bella looked up at him, a grin pinching the corners of her mouth. 

“You,” she said.

“Me,” Edward admitted at the same time. They both giggled, untangling limbs and searching out the remnants of their clothes. 

“So?” Emmett again. 

“Give us a minute, Emmett,” Edward called back, annoyed, the shreds of his jeans dangling from confused fingertips as he raised his eyebrows at his delicious, fiendish wife. “We need to go back to the cottage.” Emmett’s laughter filled the yard. 

“What? I was sick of waiting,” Bella shrugged, wholly unrepentant. 

“When did you even do this?” Edward asked, grinning, shaking his head. Bella grinned and bit her lip.

“On the piano,” she answered. 


Jul 27, 2012


Greetings Twilighters!

A few important notes:

First, I just want to say thank you to all my faithful readers. You have been so patient with me over the past few months and I promise I'll have a new Edward Segment up in the next week or so.

Second, I wanted to announce that my book, Fated, is nearly finished! I am starting to research my publishing options and trying to build up a following for myself as an author. To that end I've created a Tumblr account where I'll be posting pics, quotes, ramblings, tidbits and excerpts from the book. Please pop over and follow me! http://abigailmjones.tumblr.com/ 

Third, I wanted to let you all know that I am now posting these adventures on FanFiction.net. My FanFiction name is RevelwithAbigailE. I'll only be posting the Edward thread and I have titled it 'The Untold Story'. If any of you would like to follow the story there that would be great! I will continue to post new segments here first. 

Thank you again for reading and, as always, I really value your feedback.